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Direct From our Farmers to Kitchens & Dining Tables Nationwide

As a farmer’s rice co-operative, Producers Rice Mill offers foodservice operators the most efficient distribution channel: direct from the grower to the customer. For hundreds of customers across North America – from distributors, foodservice operators, schools and hospitals to caterers and professional chefs – Producers Rice Mill is “the rice supplier of choice.”

Why Rice?
Rice is the most versatile and the least allergenic of all grains. Perfect for entrées, side dishes, salads and desserts, it’s no wonder that rice is the primary dietary staple for more than half the world’s population. To meet that need, U.S. rice farmers annually grow and harvest more than 18 billion pounds of rice – approximately 50% comes from Arkansas farmers – that’s why Arkansas is the No. 1 rice producing U.S.state.

Which Rice?
Unsure which type of rice is best to use in a particular recipe? Check out these varieties – and feel free to experiment (taste!) using your own or our favorite recipes. Producers can supply you with additional information about these foodservice products:

  • Premium Parboiled Rice – Perfect rice every time, known for its distinctively separate and fluffy grains and ability to hold for hours on steam tables.
  • Rice Blends – Tasty, versatile and convenient to accompany a variety of entrees.
  • Regular Milled Long Grain Rice – Excellent for side dishes, salads, curries, stews and various meat entrees.
  • Regular Milled Medium Grain Rice – Tender and moist (slightly sticky) often used for rice puddings, sushi, risotto, paella.
  • Whole Grain Brown Rice – Wholesome nutty flavor, rich in vitamins, chewy texture.
  • Specialty Rice – Featuring aromatic Basmati & Jasmine, and creamy Arborio.
  • K-12/School Foodservice – Whole grain rice & seasoned blends specially formulated for school menus; in flavors kids love and it’s healthy.
  • Rice Flour – Popular for Gluten-Free consumer products; coatings for baked and fried foods.

Learn more about other foodservice products, and contact us about becoming your single source for rice!


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