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FARM TO TABLE — The Producers’ Advantage

In 1943, when the world was still in upheaval from World War II and the future was far from optimistic, a group of 55 courageous and visionary farmers met in downtown Stuttgart to form Producers Rice Mill Cooperative, and lay the foundation for a future that we still benefit from today.  During the first year of operation, Producers milled a then, remarkable 516,000 bushels of rice.  Today, Producers can mill that same amount of rice in just days.

With over 2,500 farmer members, four rice mills and 12 storage and receiving locations, Producers ships product worldwide as an industry leader in foodservice, retail, export and ingredients markets. From the land to the customer, Producers is totally integrated as a farmer-owned cooperative offering the most efficient distribution channel: Direct from the grower to the customer.

Producers is located in the heart of the southern rice belt-Stuttgart, Arkansas. Arkansas, the leading rice producing state in the country, grows 46-48% of the total United States’ crop. Our growers, many who have been part of the Producers’ family for multiple generations, farm approximately 350,000 acres of rice. Though we primarily operate in Arkansas, our farmers’ rice cooperative reaches as far north as the bootheel of Missouri and down south to the Mississippi delta. 

We value the expertise of our farmer members, or “rice producers,” and the care they give to their rice crops and land, thus the name we proudly share, Producers Rice Mill.

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